Dennis Mathenge

Websites and Ecommerce Developer

— Sweden


Drupal Services

Drupal 7/8 development


Build E-Commerce platforms

Front-End Development

Front-end development on demand

Client Feedback

I cannot say enough good things about Dennis. He helped me when I was in a bind two times. He is prompt, honest and knowledgeable with Drupal. We actually met on a Facebook page.Highly recommended.

Patti Neuman

Experienced Ad Sales, Media Marketing & Hospitality Food & Wine writer

I can only recommend Dennis' Drupal and development abilities. He managed to achieve a great work in a very short amount of time and in a not so easy environment involving Drupal 8 and advanced taxonomy filters. I've worked with him from long distance, never had the chance to meet him. You can trust him 100%.

Judikael Pendeliau

Gérant chez N+1 Web - Conseil Digital aux TPE / PME

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